For authors

Publicating an article


We invite authors to participate in the publication of scientific articles in the journal "Information and Space." Publication of scientific articles is free of charge. Fee for publication may be applied only in one of two cases:

- Article contains advertising information and may be published only on commercial basis;

- The article contains colored illustrative materials, which can not be published in black and white format (the cost of the publication of each of the four colored pages within a single article is 5000 rubles.).

The content of the article should correspond to the topics of one or more sections of magazines.



To submit article for publication an application should be sent to which should contain the following information:

- Article title;

- Annotation (up to 500 characters);

- The scientific specialty in accordance with nomenclature as amended in Orders of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation;

- Article authors (full name, academic degree, academic rank, and position);

- Contacts (phone, e-mail).

Within one month the editors review the application for compliance with topics of the magazine. When a decision is made a reasoned response is sent to the author.

In the case of a positive decision, the author has to send the editor materials edited in accordance with the requirements below within two months after receiving a response.



1. Articles must be provided to the editors in two forms:

- In printed form, signed by each author;

- In electronic form via e-mail or on an electronic data carrier.

2. The article should be provided in a .doc format, written with Times New Roman font, 14 size of type, line spacing - 1.5 lines. Left and right margins - 2 cm, top, and bottom - 2.5 cm, sheet format - A4.

Latin characters should be typed in italics (except for trigonometric and hyperbolic functions and special terms such as min, max, opt, etc.); Russian and Greek characters - direct font.

Illustrations should be provided as separate graphics files in .tiff or .jpeg format. All of the elements of the illustrations should be clear, the inscription should be easy to read.

Formulas should be made with formula editor Microsoft Equation or MathType.

References should be made in the order they are presented in the article and executed in accordance with ГОСТ 7.1-2003. Abbreviations used in bibliographic descriptions should comply with ГОСТ 7.12-93.

Recommended amount of text for articles

- 7-10 pages - original scientific articles;

- 10-15 pages - technical and practical articles;

- 15-20 pages - overview and analytic articles.

Articles which exceed the recommended can be divided into several parts to be published in different issues of the magazine or returned to the author for the editing.

3. The article must be accompanied with:

- An expert opinion on the possibility of publication in the public domain;

- Summary in Russian and English (300-500 characters);

- A list of keywords in Russian and English languages;

- Information about each author:

                - Surname, name and, optionally, patronymic in Russian and English languages;

                - Academic degree, honorary title;

                - Membership in the Academy of Sciences;

                - Place of work (the city and the full name of the company), position in the company;

                - E-mail address (to be published);

                - Telephone number (for communication).



All articles, received by the editorial board, are reviewed in accordance with the "Regulation on reviewing the articles".

An article is reviewed by the member of the editorial board, appointed by the editorial board at the regular session. Article supplied for review without authorship information.

The results of the review will be sent to the author via e-mail. In the case of a negative review, a copy of the review is sent to the author via e-mail. All reviews are stored in the editorial office for 5 years.



After review article is directed to the editorial changes. All changes are made in agreement with the author via e-mail. After the editorial changes, the appointment of a specific issue is made, and the article is transferred to the layout.

After layout, an e-mail is sent to each of the authors for verification and approval. If there will be no response from the author after a week, a layout is considered to be approved.

Upon receipt of the new issue of the magazine editors notify all authors via email. For each article, three copies of the magazine are provided, which are stored in the editor’s office for 6 months, and are presented to the author at the presentation of an identity document.